Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Redwood Run and Shelter Cove

For years my old man and I used to go to the Redwood Run up by Garberville, CA on the 47 Knucklehead. We started in 1985 and the last time we went was about 1997. Most of the time after the run was over we went to Shelter Cove to camp for a couple of days. Here are some photos of those old times.

Harleys parked in front of movie theater in Garberville CA
Redwood Run time, Harleys in Garberville

Kick starting the 47 Knucklehead chopper
Kick the starting the Knuck on a cold morning
Stock 47 Harley Knucklehead in the mountains
Stock Knucklehead a scenic overlook
Harleys at the old Grapewine Station on Hwy 101 in the Redwoods
Grapewine Station Hwy 101
Harleys at the Oasis
The Oasis CA Hwy 20

Pit stop
Takin' a little break

Redwood Run
Sherry and Dwight

1947 Harley Knucklehead chopper stuck in the sand
Stuck in the sand at Shelter Cove

Changing tire on vintage Harley Panhead motorcycle
Flat tire

There was always great music at the Redwood Run

It reminded me of the Hippie Music festivals back in the '60s.

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