Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Redwood Run 2012 - First Road Trip on the '65 Panhead

We just got back from the Redwood Run. First time we've been in 13 years. Still as always the ride was the best part. The weather was perfect and everything, even Yuba City and Williams, are still beautiful and green. I'd almost forgotten how special the Redwoods are, we rode up the Avenue of the Giants, it's like those thousand year old trees make their own climate, so cool and green under there.

We didn't care for any of the music, Fryed Brothers, same old same old. Billy Idol was supposed to be there but didn't show. The one exception was Lucas Nelson, Willie's son, he was excellent, and we'd never heard of him before, so it's always nice to make a new discovery.

There was no steak dinner on Saturday either, and security was a little uptight it seemed to me, especially since the turnout was really low. It wasn't crowded at all, that was really nice. A great camp spot was easy to find, and lines were not long for anything.

I finally feel like I've bonded with the Panhead after this trip. It feels so different after riding the '47 Knucklehead all these years. It has nowhere near the speed, and sure doesn't corner like the Knuck, but it sure is pretty, and the electric start is nice. With the shocks I didn't feel nearly as beat up after riding for 4 days as I used to, and it goes plenty fast enough for me.

2 men look at a 1965 Harley Panhead in front of a redwood log
The View of the Redwood Run motorcycle rally from a tent window
a 1965 Harley Panhead motorcycle on the Avenue of the Giants
A man working on Harley Panhead Motorcycle while camping


  1. Love the pictures! I took a bike ride from Seattle to Livermore California one summer and rode through the Redwoods. That's one trip I'll always remember.