Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The 51 Flathead is on ebay

1951 flathead harley motorcyle - rusty yard art

I'm so sad. We put the 51 flathead on ebay today. I just love seeing this beautiful, rusty old piece of history out there.

The Liberator

This is a 1951 WL 45 cu in flathead that has a 1942 WWII motor. The WL was nick named liberator for its wide use in the Pacific and Europe during WWII. The solo model flathead 45 cu was discontinued in 1952, making all post war solo models rare. The 45 cu in flathead 3 wheeler was made clear up into the 70's for police and other municipal functions due to its dependable motor and economical cost of use.
The Flathead is sold, it just left yesterday 12/16/2012 :(