Saturday, December 6, 2014

Biker Games at the Old Hope Valley Run

On the way to Hope Valley - Mid-80s
Years ago, we used to take the Knucklehead up to the Hope Valley Run, up in Tahoe. It was held at a very rustic campground; their were few rules, so I guess it suited us pretty well.

It got cold up there in the mountains at night in September, you needed your warm sleeping bag for this one.

At bike runs, they always had games, the Slow Race for instance. In the slow race you have to take as long as possible before crossing the finish line, without falling or putting your feet down.

Then there was one, I don't remember the name of it, where you pile as many people as possible on a bike, and had to ride it across the finish line. Whoever made it with the most people won.

It was at the Hope Valley Run that I saw the craziest Biker game ever. The game was The Chariot Race. It's the only time I have ever seen this done. One person rode the motorcycle dragging a tire behind it. His partner ran and took a flying leap to grab onto the tire and be dragged.

The one who was dragged the furthest without falling off was the winner. The dust was thick in the air, and on the faces and bodies of the people being dragged. Of course they were all wearing their leathers, goggles and whatever they could tie around their faces to keep the dirt out of their mouth and nose.

I remember the guy who won, He got a 4 foot tall trophy. He said that was the biggest trophy he ever got, and the stupidest thing he ever did.

Slow Race - Hope Valley Run
Chariot Race - Hope Valley Run 

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